Getting ready for the Dayton!

I did not attend Day­ton last year, and I regret it. My XYL even says so. So this year, I’m in. One of the high­lights of my Day­ton expe­ri­ence is Con­test Uni­ver­si­ty, which is held the Thurs­day before the offi­cial Har­rah Are­na Hamven­tion event at the Crowne Plaza down­town. This is where I am also staying…expensive but this is the center …

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Maybe life ISN’T too short for QRP

I was tun­ing around my dilap­i­dat­ed and total­ly neglect­ed sta­tion (more on that lat­er) and came across a bunch of slow­ish, hand-sent, con­tin­u­ous wave sig­nals on 20M send­ing “CQ NA”. What? A quick look over at the WA7BNM’s web­site (THE author­i­ty on con­tests hap­pen­ing regard­less of coun­try of ori­gin or spon­sor­ing enti­ty) con­firmed I was hear­ing the monthly …

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