Paths to Everywhere!

I have been play­ing with HFTA soft­ware from the ARRL Anten­na Book to deter­mine the typ­i­cal take-off angles need­ed to com­mu­ni­cate to DX locales. First step was to devel­op my ele­va­tion pro­file, which I did based upon the instruc­tions includ­ed using a pro­gram named Micro­DEM. While not the most intu­itive thing in the world, I did man­age to …

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Antenna Hallucinations

While this may be TMI, while lay­ing there on the couch dur­ing Christmas/​New Years recov­er­ing from umbil­i­cal her­nia repair, the Oxy­­con­tin-fueled fugue state pro­pelled copi­ous notes on the sub­ject of anten­nas. This would be my Kubla Khan, dare I be so pro­fane as to even utter this asso­ci­a­tion with the great Coleridge. Besides, my pre­scrip­tion to Per­coset ran …

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