TNQP: K4TCG M/​2 LP @ K1GU Sunday !

I will be par­tic­i­pat­ing in the K4TCG Mul­ti-op effort at K1GU dur­ing the Ten­nessee QSO Par­ty. Look­ing for­ward to this ven­ture: It is my first guest/­mul­ti-op expe­ri­ence. I hope I don’t mess any­thing up!

TNQP is large­ly respon­si­ble for my entry back into Ham Radio and Con­test­ing and I have been look­ing for­ward to this out­ing. Also on my TNQP buck­et list is to par­tic­i­pate in one of the Mul­ti-Mobile oper­a­tions (hint hint…maybe next year Ted!)

From the TCG Google Group:

"The K4TCG team (W4PV, W6UB, WF7T, K9UQN, K1GU) expects a FT M/2 operation from 
 Blount County.  At any given time, there likely will be one station on phone and 
 the other alternating on phone, CW, or RTTY.  One station will probably be on 40 
 for just about the duration with the other station on the high bands (20, 15, 
 10) in the first half, 80 as it gets dark."

And from the TNQP site:

"Listen up all you diddlers. K4TCG will operate using RTTY at the bottom of the hour,
 25-35 minutes +/- past the hour, and 80 kHz up from the lower band edge, e.g., 3580,
 14080, again +/- a little."

I will post pic­tures (sor­ry, no pic­tures!) and post a report after the QSO Par­ty. Hope to work you!

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