It’s not what it sounds. I final­ly worked KL7J for my 50th state in Feld-Hell! Mike N4QLB also worked Les, in fact he worked him first for Feld-Hell Club WAS Award num­ber 4 (uncon­firmed) and spot­ted the Alas­ka sta­tion for me so that I could work him to com­plete my WAS. I am like­ly FHC WAS #5! It was quite fun…still need to con­firm states for the ARRL endorse­ment, but I intend to send a bunch of cards out and use my con­fir­ma­tions towards the ARRL WAS endorsement.

Oth­er statistics:

  • I have worked 92 oth­er Feld-Hell Club mem­bers as of this date.
  • I have com­plet­ed 169 Feld-Hell QSOs as of this date
  • I have worked 3 coun­tries as of this date.
  • I have been the first Feld-Hell con­tact for 16 oth­er operators.

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