Its not what you think. Work­ing all states is no small feat, no mat­ter where you live. I am quite prone to mild obses­sive-com­pul­sive behav­ior and as such WAS appeals to me. I also enjoy strange dig­i­tal modes. I have only tried a hand­ful. RTTY is coarse but heck of a lot of fun espe­cial­ly for con­test­ing. I thought I real­ly liked PSK31, and while I play a lit­tle there, it does­n’t real­ly float my boat like it should. Don’t get me wrong, PSK31 is what brought me back to the hob­by and I have a soft spot for the mode. Kin­da for­mu­li­ac, however…you can tell every­one is using Dig­i­tal Mas­ter 780 with­out tak­ing time to cus­tomize the macros. Again DM780 is great, but in the words of Arrest­ed Devel­op­men­t’s Job Bluthe…“Come on!”

The dig­i­tal modes cur­rent­ly hold­ing my inter­est are JT65A/​WSPR on HF, Olivia, and Feld-Hell…Especially Feld-Hell.

Feld-Hell is a strange lit­tle throw-back to the 1920s, and as such is per­fect in every way. I like direct­ly heat­ed Tri­odes like 45s and 2A3s, and I like old-assed teleprint­ing modes. DM780 and Mul­ti­P­SK make Feld-Hell oper­a­tion a breeze, and as such is a great Ragchew mode. Sur­pris­ing­ly a lot of activ­i­ty through­out the world, with fun Sprint-style con­tests every month. Check it out: http://​feld​hell​club​.org … great bunch of folks if I don’t say so myself.

So, when I say I am in WAS HELL, it’s only because I am try­ing to com­plete QSOs with every state using Feld-Hell is all. Worked a new on on 80M…Washington state! Hell­ish? I think not!

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